• Is a negative mood state characterized by bodily symptoms of physical tension and by apprehension about the future.


  • Anxiety of being in places or situations from which escape might be difficult.
Generalized Anxiety Disorder:
  • Anxiety disorder characterized by intense, uncontrollable, unfocused, chronic, and continuous worry that is distressing and unproductive accompanied by physical symptoms of tenseness, irritability, and restlessness.
  • Emotional Response consisting of an immediate alarm reaction to present danger or life-threatening emergencies.
  • Sudden overwhelming fright or terror.
Panic Attack:
  • Abrupt experience of intense fear or discomfort in the absence of danger accompanied by a number of physical symptoms, such as dizziness or heart palpitations.

Social Famedical-741465.jpgctor:
Outside influences upon someone.

Fight/Flight Situation:
  • Brain circuit in animals that when stimulated causes an immediate alarm and escape response resembling human panic.
Behavioural Inhibition System (BIH):
  • Brain circuit in the limbic system that responds to threat signals by inhibiting activity and causing anxiety.
Panic Control Treatment:
  • Cognitive-behavioural treatment for panic attacks, involving gradual exposure to feared somatic sensations and modification of perceptions and attitudes about them.

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